Batch Convert Music Files

MAC M4P Converter works with iTunes

It's quite simple to work with iTunes, just follow the step below:

1. Run M4PConverter.

2. Run iTunes, Select M4PToMP3 Virtual CD-RW as the burner .

3. To keep ID3 Tags of your music,check Include CD Text option.

4. Create a new playlist.

5. Add music files you want to convert into the playlist

6. Click Burn Playlist to Disc

7. When burning finished, all converted music files are listed on MAC M4PConverter.

To see detail, please view the work with iTunes page.

Batch Convert

Now we have know how MAC M4P Converter works. The converting is based on playlist. You may add lots of music files into a playlist, then burn it.

MAC M4P Converter just act as a normal CD burner to iTunes. It has the same toal space as normal CD. So the limitation of how many songs could be converted one time, is also just as a normal CD.