Keep ID tags while converting

MAC M4P Converter gets all ID tags of converting music from iTunes automatically. Then it saves these ID tags to output MP3 or AAC music files. So what could be saved to output music files is decided by the standard of output format.

Convert with a virtual CD burn technology

MAC M4P Converter is magic but it doesn't perform any new tricks. All it does is automate the task of burning a CD-RW like a CD burner emulator and then converting it to any music formats you need.

It does not bypass any digital copy protection and conforms with all digital copy protection measures, provided that the user is legally entitled to listen to the music.

Support ID3 Tag

MAC M4P Converter write ID3Tag V1 & ID3Tag V2 at the same time.

After each music file conversion finished, MAC M4P Converter will add ID tags which have got from iTunes to the output files.

Because IDTag V1 is non-unicode, so if there are non-ascii characters, it may not show right. But V2 is quite right, it's unicode supported.