No need of a real CDRW or Sound Card

Convert with a virtual CD burn technology

The following is a normal method to get a copy of protected music files:

> Burn an audio CD with the protected audio tracks
> Rip that audio CD to MP3.

MAC M4P Converter is magic but it doesn't perform any new tricks. All it does is automate the task of burning a CD-RW like a CD burner emulator and then converting it to any music formats you need.

Profit of using virtual CD burner

There are mainly two methods to bypass the DRM control. The first method is to burn a copy to an audio CD and then rip/encode it, just as introduced before. Mac M4P Converter takes an even smarter method which allows user to burn music to a Virtual CD-RW disc and then automatically rip/encode the music stored on the Virtual CD-R. This makes the whole conversion process automatically and faster.

The second method is to use a recording software and sound card.

With MAC M4P Converter, you needn't any hardware more, just install it and run. It will do the converting job with the virtual CD Burner. No need lots of blank CD to burn music then rip.

Most of all, because virtual CD burner uses memory & hard disk of you Mac as it's storage. So it's much faster than normal CD. And the whole procedure of burning / ripping / encoding is finished automatically, Mac M4P Converter will save your time while converting.