How MAC M4P Converter Works

MAC M4P Converter is a protected audio and music converter tool, designed for virtually burning DRM protected music or audio files to a special virtual CD-RW drive, where you can easily get plain MP3 or AAC files ready for use on any computers or music devices. It gives users the ability to legally remove DRM copy-protections from music and audio book files.

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MacM4PConverter uses a virtual CD burning technology to simulate the burning & ripping process and can convert M4P files to MP3 or AAC. This amazing CD burner emulator easily automates the whole workflow for converting protected music or audio files to normal MP3 files: ripping, burning, encoding are within only ONE click.

It helps you virtually burns any music files to a virtual CD-RW drive named MAC M4P Converter, then the target music format file will be generated automatically. The audible quality will not be lost, and copy-protection is removed.

Remove DRM Protection with ID3 tags preserved

MAC M4P Converter preserves ID3 tags so that song information will be saved along with the unprotected copies MP3 files while remove DRM protections.

It could get all ID tags of the music files converted from iTunes, then save these ID tags back to your target MP3 or AAC files.

MAC M4P Converter could get all tags from iTunes, but ome tags couldn't be saved in AAC files because of the AAC standard.

Convert DRM M4P to uprotected MP3 or AAC with a virtual burner

MAC M4P Converter will automatically do the followed procedures for you to remove DRM protection from your music files or audio files:

> Burn a Virtual audio CD with the protected audio tracks
> Rip that new Virtual audio CD to MP3's.

It allows user to burn music to a Virtual CD-RW disc on iTunes, and then automatically rip/encode the music files stored on the Virtual CD-R. This makes the whole conversion process automatically, faster, and with CD quality.

This DRM Remover supports output MP3 files or AAC files. You may set the output options to meet your purpose.