Uninstall Mac M4P Converter

Uninstaller is in the folder of M4PConverter application

After you have installed M4PConverter, you could find the uninstaller has been installed in M4PConverter application's folder.

To uninstalled MAC M4P Converter, just run the "Uninstall" in the M4PConverter's folder.

If the uninstaller doesn't work, you have another choice to remove MAC M4P Converter as below:

Use scripts to uninstall MAC M4P Converter

You need administrator privilege to remove Mac M4P Converter with scripts. So, the uninstall program will prompt you to input your password.

1. Download uninstall package below, and save the file name "Uninstall.zip" to your Desktop:

2. Unzip the package "Uninstall.zip" you download to a directory, there will be "README" and "uninstall.sh" files.

    We suppose that you have save the file "Uninstall.zip" on your Desktop. So you may double-click the file "Uninstall.zip", then a directory name "Uninstall" will created automatically. In the directory named "Uninstall", there will be two files named "README" and "uninstall.sh".

3. Open terminal in Applications->Utilities.

    In Finder, Select "Applications". In Applications, select the "Utilities". Then in Utilities, you will find "Terminal". Dould click on "Terminal", the terminal window will be opened.

4. In terminal, enter the directory where "uninstall.sh" placed.

    If I suppose that you have put the "Uninstall" on desktop, which dirctory is "~/Desktop", then in terminal window, input the command below:
    cd ~/Desktop/Uninstall

5. type "chmod u+x uninstall.sh".

    Type command "chmod u+x uninstall.sh" in terminal window, to change the file "uninstall.sh" be executable.

6. type "sudo ./uninstall.sh".

    Type command "sudo ./uninstall.sh" in terminal window, to execute file "uninstall.sh" with administrator privillege.
    After you input the command, system will prompt you to input password. Then you input your password, and input "return" key. Then the uninstall will finish.

Please remember to restart your Mac after finshed uninstallation.