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Program features

This section describes features of MAC M4P Converter, such as:

How Mac M4P Converter works
User interface
MAC M4P Converter's virtual CD Burner
Work with iTunes
Supported music formats
System requirements

Operation how-to's

This section provides answers to questions on operating MAC M4P Converter, such as:

Installation and activation
Stop "Blank CD Inserted" prompt message
First conversion
Fix the wrong ID Tags of output MP3 or AAC files
Solutions of Convert M4P to MP3
Uninstall Mac M4P Converter

Remove DRM protections

This section provides what is DRM, how to remove DRM, how to batch convert M4P to MP3 to remove DRM protections.

Remove DRM with MAC M4P Converter
Batch remove DRM with MAC M4P Converter
Topic related to DRM removal