About MAC M4P Converter features

The purpose of the program

MAC M4P Converter is used to convert drm protected or unprotected m4p to mp3 or AAC on MAC OS X.

For example, it can convert DRM protected M4P music files you bought to plain mp3 or AAC. Then you may share the music you bought on your mp3 player, another PC or any music player devices.

How MAC M4P Converter works

It's quite simple. After you have installed MAC M4P Converter, Launch the application, open you iTunes, select M4PtoMP3 virtual CDRW as the default CD Burner. Then select a playlist to burn to disc, MAC M4P Converter will do the converting job for you.

Main Features

MAC M4P converter is faster than any real CD or DVD burners, because it only use your hard disk space to write music data instead of real CD. And read/write CD is much more slowly than hard disk.

Convert any music files which could be played on iTunes to MP3
Batch convert DRM protected M4P files to MP3
Support ID3-tag formats. All existing tag information will be stored
With Virtual CD-RW tech to simulate burning / ripping / encoding
Very easy to use
Super fast conversion and with CD quality

MAC M4P Converter in details

Below you can find detailed information on program features and its interface. To learn how to operate MAC M4P Converter, browse "Work with the program" section.

User interface
MAC M4P Converter's virtual CD Burner
Work with the program
Supported music formats

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