Create ringtones from iTunes music

Convert iTunes music with MAC M4P Converter, to create ringtones for your cell phones

Want to personalize your cell phone ringtones with the music from your iTunes library? iPhone users may find it's quite easy now, even though it's expensive as well. For iTunes users who have cell phones other than iPhone, it may be a little incontinent and sometimes seems impossible.

But, there is always a way when there is a will. Let's show you how to create ringtones with iTunes music, for both iPhone and other cell phones.

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Creating ringtones for Apple iPhone

After the roll-out of iPhone, iTunes allows its users to create their own ringtones for iPhone with iTunes music. The eligible songs in iTunes library will be marked with the ringtone symbol. iPhone owners can use the ringtone editor to take any portion of the song, up to 30 seconds, to create customized ringtones.

But you were wrong if you thought it was free. Once you've created the perfect ringtone, you still have to pay another 0.99 US$ to get the ringtone.

Here's how to create ringtones for iPhone with iTunes music:

1. Go to your iTunes library and select a song eligible for making ringtones.

2. Click the bell icon next to the song name, the Ringtone Editor appears.

3. Select the music segment by specifying the starting and ending points. This segment of music shall not be longer than 30 seconds.

4. Preview to hear the ringtone you make. Click Buy if you're satisfied with the ringtone.

5. Connect your iPhone to the computer and iTunes will sync the ringtones to iPhone.

Creating ringtones for other cell phones with iTunes music

Can you use my ringtone on any phone? The answer is definitely no. Ringtones created with iTunes are designed exclusively for the iPhone. What if you want to create ringtones with iTunes music for non-iPhone cell phones?

Well, you have to look for other ways. Since mp3 is the most universal and popular audio format, and its supported widely by nearly all cell phones, you'd better think of creating mp3 ringtones with iTunes music. Remember, create ringtones outside iTunes. Some cell phones support wav and other formats, too.

Generally speaking, there are two steps to create ringtones with iTunes music.

1. Convert iTunes music to mp3;

2. And edit the mp3 file to customize the specified length.

To create ringtones with iTunes music for cell phones other iPhone, you may need:

  • Cell phone with mp3 or wav ring-tone capacity
  • Purchased or authorized iTunes songs
  • DRM audio converter
  • Audio editing software
  • Device or measures to transfer ring tone from computer to cell phone, USB, Bluetooth, e-mail, instant message, etc.

For DRM audio converter, MAC M4P Converter is the premiere and ultimate choice. MAC M4P Converter is well known for its capability of converting iTunes m4p, m4b and m4a music to mp3 at magic fast speed on Mac OS X.

You may choose to convert iTunes music to mp3 if your cell phone supports mp3 ringtones.

For audio editor, you can use Adobe Audition (previously known as Cool Edit) or Audacity. The later one is freeware. With audio editor, you can select and cut the music make ringtones.

How to create ringtones for non-iPhone cell phones

1. Create an iTunes playlist to contain the songs with which you want to create ringtones.

2. Run MAC M4P Converter and set "M4PtoMP3 Virtual CD-RW" as the default burner for your iTunes.

3. Choose mp3 or wav as output format in the Settings of MAC M4P Converter.

4. Click the Burner Disc button in iTunes to start convert iTunes music to mp3.

5. Import the converted mp3 or wav file to Adobe Audition or Audacity, or any other audio editing program you may have.

6. Choose a segment out of the imported music, up to 15-30 seconds, depending on the requirement of your cell phone.

7. Save the specified ringtones in mp3 or wav format.

8. Sync the ringtones to your cell phone.