Convert Audio Book to MP3 to Remove DRM

You may free download & try Macsome Audiobook Converter, which is a fast recorder for your audio books. And it has no limitation of converting times.

Attention for audio books conversion with trial version of MacM4PConverter

Because most of audio books only permits to burn to disc only one time, you should be attention before using MAC M4P Converter's trial version:

You should cancel the burning on iTunes before iTunes finishs the burning progress. Or iTunes will think that you have burned the audio book to CD successfully. And you couldn't burn it to disc any more. We suggest you cancel the burning progress before iTunes shows "Time remaining: 00:20".

When iTunes prompt a dialog to confirm the cancel operation, please click "Yes". MacM4PConverter will converter all the files has been transferred to it, and you'll get the MP3 file. And iTunes think you haven't burn the disc successfully.

As you are using trial verison of MAC M4P Converter, it will only convert the first 3 minutes of each files. So you won't get the whole audio book in MP3 format. But iTunes think you have burned the audio book to disc, so even if you have bought the full version of MAC M4P Converter, you couldn't convert this audio book to MP3 any more.

So, when you are using trial version of MAC M4P Converter, please remember to cancel the burning progress from iTunes before iTunes finished the burning .

How audio book to MP3 converter works

Have you ever bought audio books on internet? And is there any way to get the books on your other music player? MAC M4P Converter provides a solution. It gives users the ability to legally remove DRM copy-protections from audio book or music files.

convert M4P to MP3 | convert M4B to MP3 | convert M4A to MP3

MacM4PConverter uses a virtual CD burning technology to simulate the burning & ripping process and can convert audio book files to MP3. This amazing CD burner emulator easily automates the whole workflow for converting protected music or audio files to normal MP3 files: ripping, burning, encoding are within only ONE click.

Tips of converting audio books

convert audible to MP3 or AAC

Please be sure that the audio book from could be burned to a normal CD, or MacM4PConverter couldn't convert anything for you. After conversion finished, there will be several MP3 files in one folder with sequence NO.

Length of converted MP3 files

If an audio book is longer than 80 minutes, it will be divided into multiple CDs by iTunes. And MAC M4P Converter will try to recognize all the CDs are for one audio book, then save each CD data from iTunes in one file folder.

iTunes will also divide one CD data into several music files for audio book. And the length of each file is decided by iTunes.

So, the result of audio book conversion will be several MP3 files.

File name of MP3

Because all MP3 files are converted from one audio book file, the folder name is the same, and the file name is the same. MAC M4P Converter has to rename these folder names and file name. For example, if an audio book needs 3 CDs to save, and each CD has 10 files, the folder names and MP3 file names will be as below:

    playlist_name (folder name)
    (CD #1)
            song_name 1.mp3
            song_name 2.mp3
            song_name 3.mp3
            song_name 4.mp3
            song_name 5.mp3
            song_name 6.mp3
            song_name 7.mp3
            song_name 8.mp3
            song_name 9.mp3
    (CD #2)
            song_name 10.mp3
            song_name 11.mp3
            song_name 12.mp3
            song_name 13.mp3
            song_name 14.mp3
            song_name 15.mp3
            song_name 16.mp3
            song_name 17.mp3
            song_name 18.mp3
            song_name 19.mp3
    (CD #3)
            song_name 20.mp3
            song_name 21.mp3
            song_name 22.mp3
            song_name 23.mp3
            song_name 24.mp3
            song_name 25.mp3
            song_name 26.mp3
            song_name 27.mp3
            song_name 28.mp3
            song_name 29.mp3