Solutions of MAC M4P Converter

Convert any iTunes format to unprotected MP3 or open AAC format

MAC M4P Converter works with iTunes and Virtual CD-RW technology to complete the entire burning, ripping, encoding process ALL IN ONE. It converts your music files quickly and with CD-quality.

Convert any audio files to unprotected MP3 format
Convert any audio files to open AAC format
Convert purchased music for BlackBerry Pearl
Convert purchased music for Nokia N95

Play purchased music on other MP3 player

Have you ever purchased music online from iTunes?
Tired of being limited by DRM copy-protection formats?
Do you want to play your purchased music on your another computer or MP3 players?

MAC M4P Converter is the answer.

MAC M4P Converter is designed to convert copy-protected music files and unprotected music files to unprotected AAC or MP3 files on Mac OS X. Then you could play it anywhere.

Play iTunes music on SanDisk Sansa MP3 Player
Play iTunes music on SanDisk Sansa e200 Series
Play iTunes music on iriver MP3 player
Play iTunes music on iriver clix gen 2
Play iTunes music on Creative ZEN
Play iTunes music on ARCHOS

Play music you bought on your cell phones

Want to create iTunes music as the ringtone for your cell phone?
Want to play iTunes music you bought on your cell phone?

Most cell phone supports MP3 or AAC. With MAC M4P Converter, it's easily to convert aac, m4b, and m4p and m4a iTunes music to mp3 or unprotected aac files to be play on your cell phone. After transfer these converted music files, you could make ringtones for your cell phone.

Create ringtones from iTunes music with MAC M4P Converter
Play iTunes music on Nokia 5300
Play iTunes music on RIM 8800