MAC M4P Converter is fast and with CD Quality

Compare with other Converter

There are two kind of converter to bypass the DRM control before.

The first one is to burn a copy to an audio CD and then rip/encode it. This method is legal: the terms of use for iTMS purchased tracks legally permits you to burn regular audio CDs from purchased tracks, and it still fair use to rip CDs you have a license for. But this method is too complex and expensive.

The second one is to use a recording software and sound card. TuneBite, SoundTaxi, WMA Converter are software tools of this kind.

What does MAC M4P Converter do for you

MAC M4P Converter will automatically do the followed procedures for you:

  > Burn a Virtual audio CD with the protected audio tracks
  > Rip that new Virtual audio CD to MP3's.

MAC M4P Converter allows user to burn music to a Virtual CD-RW on iTunes, and then automatically rip/encode the music stored on the Virtual CD-R. This makes the whole conversion process automatically and faster.

Fast and with CD Quality

Because MAC M4P Converter doesn't really burn a CDR Disc, the virtual CD emulates your computer RAM and hard disk as erasable CD-RW drive (Virtual CD-RW), so the converting speed is faster than any other m4p to mp3 conversion programs, even faster than real CD burning procedure.

Music data hasn't lost while burning to M4PtoMP3 Virtual CDRW, so converted with MAC M4P Converter have CD quality.

The conversion speed is super fast: Only needs 15 seconds for a four minutes song.