Fix the wrong ID Tags of outputing MP3 or AAC files

Sometimes, when you convert songs to MP3 or AAC with MacM4PConverter, the result song files may have wrong song name. It's caused by iTunes' library error. You may quit iTunes, then restart your Mac, the error may disappear. But sometimes, the error still exists.

After version 5.1.2 of MacM4PConverter, there is a way to fix the error occurring of ID Tags while converting.

What you need to do to fix the wrong ID Tags

1. Make sure that the playlist name is made up of ASCII characters

    Please make sure that the playlist name you want to "burn" to the virtual CDRW is made up of all ASCII characters. It's very important.

2. Set the settings of "Burning" from iTunes

    Please check the "Include CD Text" checkbox.

    In iTunes 7, the setting is in "iTunes -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Burning".

    In iTunes 8, the "Burning Settings" window will popup right after you click to burn a playlist.

3. Try to burn a playlist again

    Try to burn a playlist again, to see if the result song name is right.