MAC M4P Converter works on 64 bits Mac OS X

MAC M4P Converter works on 32bits Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard. And it works on 64bits Snow Leopard, Lion, too!

To convert any music or audio files to MP3 from iTunes on 64 bits Mac OS X ( Snow Leopard or Lion ). Please read the following article.

What's the different of working on 32bits and 64bits

The installation package of MacM4PConverter, works both on 32bits and 64bits OS X.

The difference is: 32bits OS X will load the virtual CD driver when OS X starts up. But 64bits OS X need you to input the administrator password to load the virtual CD driver

Steps of working on 64bits Mac OS X

1. Install M4PConverter

2. Run M4PConverter application

    Goto "Finder -> Applications ->M4PConverter", there are M4PConverter application. click on it to run.

3. Load virtual CD driver

    After M4PConverter launched, if you are working on 64-bits Snow Leopard, there will be a prompt window asks you to input your administrator password.

    Please input your administrator password, then you can start work.

    Just do as 32bits system to convert M4P to MP3 or AAC. Read detail here...